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Automatic Vehicle Classifier


Automatic Vehicle Classifier


  • Automatic detection of axle counts and wheel counts as a vehicle passed by
  • Scanning to determine vehicle shapes and length
  • Information is feedback immediately to lane controller to determine vehicle class and calculation of proper toll fare
  • Toll teller could reclassify when necessary. The frequency of reclassification by each toll teller is to be monitored

Classic Toll Road

Manual classification by toll teller

  • Error prone
  • Fraud prone

Resulted in toll revenue loss

Vehicle Class in Indonesia

Class 1

Passenger cars, buses and coaches 2 axles, single wheel on rear axle 2 axles, double wheel on rear axle

Class 2

Light truck 2 axles, double wheel on rear axle

Class 3

Truck 3 axles

Class 4

truck 4 axles

Class 5

truck > 5 axles